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Drug crimes are serious offenses that are heavily prosecuted. Even an offense as seemingly minor as drug possession can leave you with a permanent criminal record. You will need to work with a drug crimes lawyer who understands how drug crimes are investigated and prosecuted, how to prepare an effective defense, and how to expose the weaknesses in a prosecutor's case. At the Law Offices of Stephen L. Duncan, P.L.C., we combine cutting-edge defenses with aggressive perseverance to bring our clients the powerful advocacy they need during this critical time.

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  • Former Maricopa County prosecutor
  • Nationally recognized for elite advocacy
  • 20+ years of criminal law experience
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Early intervention is important, so contact an drug crime attorney today. We have proven time and again that when criminal cases are handled early on, especially drug crimes and sex crimes, we are more likely to achieve a great result for clients. In the past, we have also been successful at getting a case dismissed with no charges being filed. Criminal charges are nothing to roll the dice with, which is why we're so relentless in our research and preparation

Arizona's Drug Penalties Are Harsh

Drugs - Drug Crime Attorney in Scottsdale

In the state of Arizona, drug possession crimes and their associated penalties fall into three different categories that are based on the type of substance and the amount of drugs found in your possession. For example, the possession of dangerous drugs like methamphetamines, LSD, or steroids is a Class 1 Misdemeanor that can result in up to 6 months of jail. Narcotics possession, such as for drugs like cocaine, heroin, and morphine, is a Class 5 Felony that includes up to 18 months in prison. Finally, marijuana possession is a Class 6 Felony that can result in a 1-year prison sentence.

Aside from the legal penalties, drug convictions can have broad implications on many areas of your life. A criminal conviction can derail applications for employment, schooling, housing, bank accounts, and more.

Creative Defenses for All Drug Crimes

Other state and federal drug charges that we can fight include:

  • PARAPHERNALIA: the possession, promotion, or production of equipment used to produce, consume, or conceal illegal drugs
  • MANUFACTURING / CULTIVATION: any involvement in the production of an illegal controlled substance
  • DELIVERY: participation in the delivery of an illegal drug
  • TRAFFICKING: selling, transporting large quantities illegal drugs
  • DEALING: selling smaller quantities of illegal drugs

At the Law Offices of Stephen L. Duncan, P.L.C., our lead attorney draws from his vast experience in criminal law as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. He has fought on both sides of the court and prevailed time and again. When it comes to protecting his clients, he pours his heart and soul into every case because he understands what is at stake. You deserve courageous defense. Find out what your options are, whether you have been accused of a crime, under investigation, or have been arrested. Start with a free consultation.

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