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When the criminal justice system of Arizona tries, prosecutes, and convicts a suspect of criminal violations, it can bring a sense of wellbeing to the surrounding communities. For the actual victims of the offender’s wrongdoing, it might not be enough to bring them peace of mind. In many cases, the criminal action has caused harm to themselves, their property, and their emotions, and a criminal conviction may do nothing to address the financial damage these losses create.

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If you have been the victim of a crime in Arizona, you can actually pursue compensation, often called victim’s restitution, through an extension of the criminal trial process. Scottsdale Victim Representation Attorney Duncan of the Law Offices of Stephen L. Duncan, P.L.C. has more than 20 years of legal experience to help you in this endeavor. He also began his legal career as a prosecutor, giving him unique insight into how the criminal justice system works for both sides, which allows him to better strengthen your victim restitution case.

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How Does Victim Restitution Work?

Before you can pursue restitution for being the victim of a crime another has committed, there must be a conviction. This conviction can come from them pleading guilty or no contest, or through a verdict after a criminal trial. When a conviction is secured, the victim of the crime must make their desire to pursue restitution known to members of the court or the prosecution, regardless of the sentencing that has been issued followed the conviction.

Benefits of using a victim’s restitution claim instead of a civil lawsuit include:

+ Expedited recovery: As a victim restitution case is technically part of the criminal justice system, any monies given to the victim usually arrives within a matter of weeks. In a personal injury lawsuit, it is not uncommon for a complicated trial, such as one involving a criminal act, to persist for several months.

+ Privacy: You will not be required to give a deposition, or answer questions under oath before the court and the offender, in a victim restitution case. When it is paramount for your identity to remain unknown for your own safety, it may be possible for none of your case to be revealed to the public.

+ Sense of justice: After someone has committed a criminal act to harm you, such as an assault or theft, you may understandably doubt if justice will be granted in full. Through victim’s restitution, you will feel reassured that the right thing has been done and that you have been compensated for your undue troubles and harm.

Even though that victim restitution cases are different from a civil lawsuit for compensation, one does not bar you from utilizing the other. Many victims of criminal activities choose to gain damages for medical care, property damage, stolen articles, and lost wages through both victim restitution cases and an injury lawsuit.

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Scottsdale Victim Representation Attorney Stephen Duncan understands what is at stake when you wish to seek restitution after being wronged by a criminal offender. With the combined tenacity of a former prosecutor and the creativity of a defender, he can bring your case to an unprecedented level, forging a path to success through dedication and know-how.

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